1. Review/ARC Team Mgmt.
    I can assist with creation and management of review/ARC teams from file delivery to tracking reviews before the next new release. What most authors consider one of their major time drains is one of my favorite services to provide.
  2. Audio Proofing
    Hate listening to your own stories performed? I can work with your chosen narrator to guide their character performances, "proof-listen" for errors or inconsistencies, and help you produce the best possible audio version of your work.
  3. Story Bibles
    Writing a series or serial novel and having trouble remembering who is related to each other or what kind of car they drive? That's where a well-crafted story bible can save you hours of research time. Available as part of a monthly services package or a la carte.
  4. Text Alert Lists
    Mobile devices have made text alerts the fastest and most economical way to get immediate announcements in the hands of your loyal readers. New releases, Facebook contests, promotions, public appearances, etc. can all be delivered lightning fast to your fans' phones.
  5. Editing and Proofreading
    Copyediting and proofreading services are offered and scheduled in advance. If Aunt Jenny was petite with a blond bob in chapter 1, you don't want her to appear in chapter 40 as an Amazonian redhead. I'll check for story inconsistencies, point of view issues, and passive voice in addition to the normal grammar/punctuation errors.
  6. And Much More!
    As part of a monthly service package, I'm happy to assist with a myriad of other tasks not listed elsewhere. Everything from ad campaigns, online contest tracking and prize fulfillment, social media content, light research, securing copyrights, fulfilling authorgraph requests, helping you find cover artists, graphic designers, and more.
Our Team
  1. Tucker
  2. Angie Ramey
    Angie Ramey
  3. Lucky
I am a longtime lover of books and the magical worlds they create, and I delight in providing services that allow authors to spend more time doing what they love...writing.
My skills can be tailored to YOUR needs. Monthly rate packages and a la carte services are available for many levels of administrative assistance.
Use the "contact me" button above, and let's figure out how I can make your life easier.